Even though India is growing tremendously, the women of India still face the everyday challenges which they used to face in the past. Nothing has changed too much yet. We hear of women CEOs and athletes reaching the top everyday but we forget about the million other women who are still suffering to live a better life.

Government has brought up many schemes for Women empowerment and we support them and respect them. But the question is all those schemes introduced by government have been implemented well? Dayitwa plans to bring the best out of the hidden talents in Women. We believe that women are not just “roti makers” they have skill in hands and they must be equally respected as men.

With our social welfare and Women welfare programs many women has been benefitted and thankful to Dayitwa but we are more grateful that they are living a better life now. Even after so many effective schemes introduced by government, it’s hard to believe that most women get its benefits. The reason behind this is lack of education, wide distribution of female workforce, sex discrimination etc.

We plan to help and provide necessary resources for the underprivileged women. We want to do the best for the Women of India, by providing financial assistance, training, education, job opportunities etc. We want the women of India to be empowered and become self-dependent. And to make that dream come true we will all in our hands.