Dayitwa works on with the motto of making the change in the society. We work on training the children of today and future of India. We aim to provide balanced life oriented educational programmers by incorporating progressive techniques, learning theories and different methodologies. The society aims to produce well informed and well assured young children just the kind of children that our country really needs at this moment.

We also plan provide job oriented educational courses at least expenditures to the people who cannot afford but deserves a better life. We have introduced new, trending courses in the past and will continue in the future to deal with pace of the fast world. Dayitwa have always been enthusiastic in creating events and making them a successful one. In the initial stage, we are working towards supporting Rajkiya Valika Uchhya Prathomik Vidyalaya in the Friends Colony, Alwar, Rajasthan. This is one of our pilot projects and so far, the observers/people have appreciated our work. It took determination and dedication of the whole team that this dream came true.

Dayitwa Child Education and Social Welfare Society provide the training which matches the international standards. We also have plan to offer engineering courses from UGC recognized universities with a very experienced group of faculty.

We have empowered Women from various sectors to stand up and take charge because this world is very cruel and people have to fight it. Today’s Indian Women are full of talents and optimistic approach all they need is a little moral support. We feel honored to support such women and make way for them to chose the career of their choice and prove the world that they are no lesser than the men.

Dayitwa have seriously been working of Child Welfare from years. We work for several issues like supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check up referral services, health education is delivered.

We are also looking forward to promote the interest of people in the environment sense the integration, self-employment, family planning, sanitation by making audio visual, TV serials and documentaries on various aspects of culture, music , craft environments, health, sports and place of social integration.

We will provide degrees and diplomas from various fields of study. We also plan to establish primary schools, high schools, tuition centre, colleges, evening colleges, technical centre and many more. Adopting the new technologies has really helped us in the past and we would like to encourage more people to take advantage of the modern technology and be more aware than today.

The list of our work towards the society is endless because we are here to hard work and work until our last breath to give a better shape to the India and its people.