Dayitwa have always been enthusiastic in creating events and making them a successful one. In the initial stage, we are working towards supporting Rajkiya Valika Uchhya Prathomik Vidyalaya in the Friends Colony, Alwar, Rajasthan. This is one of our pilot projects and so far, the observers/people have appreciated our work. It took determination and dedication of the whole team that this dream came true.

Our vision was to see a full fledged working school in Alwar which can provide all the basic education and activities to the needy and make India more educated. Education opens closed doors and makes way for happiness. We tried to make that way.


Child care is the one unit which always requires special attention. There are millions of children roaming around the streets of India with no adequate food even for a single time in the whole day. Education is the basic right of every children and that is what we plan to do. We wish to see every child literate. Increasing literacy rate will make a stronger India.


Ashamed to say but India is the country where Women are discriminated and disrespected with a very poor sex ratio. In India, 40% of the Women are illiterate. We hear news of Women empowerment every day, stories of top Women CEOs and new Women minister but the truth is, still a large section of Women face the challenges to survive. There is a lot of focus needed on underprivileged Women who cannot afford the basic amenities like food, health and sanitation.

We plan to empower those Women through the events conducting in the near future. We want to make them feel independent and they are no lesser than men. We want them to realize their own self-esteem and start respecting themselves.


Society needs to broaden their mindset. There are still people who practices evil events like child marriage, dowry and child labor. We want to abolish these evil rituals which are termed as Indian Ethics by some narrow minded cowards. Only if the children are given education they will understand that what a stupidity child marriage is. For social Welfare one needs to take action and stand against the dowry and demand for strict punishment who practices it. Child labor is another very unfortunate truth of India, the children deserve to get education rather than cleaning tea cups in shops.


We have planned out several fields of study which can help children and adults to get ready for the competitive world. From job oriented programs to certificate course to graduation course we have planned it all out. We will also like to join hand with top institutions so we can provide best faculty and education to the kids.A