We have made education possible for everyone. Even the underprivileged gets to study and learn at our Institution and finish their higher education.

We have tied up with various institutions and support them. While the income generated are solely used in the betterment of underprivileged. We earn from the education that can afford and then use that money in education, who cannot afford.

Dayitwa was concerned about the educational importance for underprivileged from the very beginning. And it is quite obvious because only education can make the children come out of poverty and lead a better life.

We also like to make sure that the income generated by these institution can be utilized in such a way that we can be reached by most of the needy. It is a pure honor to see children taking education and getting good grades so that they can lead a beautiful life ahead. From the higher education we support hundreds of children are benefitted each day and we are proud of each of them.

Dayitwa feels that education does not only mean giving people knowledge about reading, writing and math. It is an investment which we are making on our country and that investment will give tremendous growth to the country as soon as it matures.