Dayitwa- As the name says, we take it as our responsibility to contribute to the society we live in. We live with aim of creating goodwill, mutual harmony, love and inimitable affection among the people all over India.

Dayitwa Child Education and Social Welfare Society is committed to the serious issues of today’s world like Women’s Empowerment, child education and health care in the slums and underprivileged areas all over India. We dream of an India with social justice and people living with dignity and no racism. We look forward to welfare of the poor by helping them to live their life with self-sustainability.

We provide relevant education to the children so that they can be ready for the modern society and face the challenges of the world. We have also extended our hands to other top institutions who believe in Council philosophy. We are always desperate to introduce new courses and new trending subjects so our children stand out in the crowd.

We also have special wing to help the physically handicapped people. We provide vocational training in technical and non-technical fields so they can feel and be independent.

Dayitwa stands against the evil practices like child marriage, dowry and child labour. These malpractices are into the roots of India and we will do whatever it takes to destroy such evil roots. In addition to avoiding malpractices, we support different positive programs like family planning, awareness of AIDS, hazardous effects of smoking and tobacco. These awareness camps have helped many people so far and will continue to do so people in future.

We plan to promote and run several community development programs for the welfare of the community and people. We want an early intervention to the children with proper education as well as guidance to the public enabling them to be competent to care of them.

Dayitwa is a foundation who believes in hard work rather than showering money and thinking that it is enough to give money. One has to strive and use that money in a positive way so that people can be benefitted.

As the foundation continues to mature, its mission will remain steadfast.